Declutter your house with a home-grown expert…

I'm here for the mums, the doers, the career women and the carers. I bring energy, enthusiasm and ACTION... and I'm here for you!

That’s me - Rebekah Holmes!

I’m a mum. I’m a wife. I’m an entrepreneur. And I love organising the areas you hate! My clients love working with me because as well as being relatable AF (hello mums, career women, entrepreneurs - I see you because I AM you!), I create realistic solutions to everyday clutter. This is not a luxury service designed only for the rich and famous (but trust me, I’ve looked after some R&F peeps and their garage has just as much clutter as yours!); this is a service for everyday women who are ready to take action, say goodbye to clutter and disorganisation, and reclaim their weekend for the fun things in life.

If you are looking for someone to bully you into letting go, head back to Google and keep looking! I’m not that person - I’ll never “make” you get rid of anything. You will be guided through the process with empathy, humour, good-vibes-only-juju-energy; and when the job is done, you’ll feel like you’ve been hanging out with your bestie rather than your decluttering fairy godmother.

Are you scared? You don’t need to be.

Are you anxious? I’m here to help you achieve your goals.

Are you ready? Then let’s do this!

Let's work together!