Weekend organisation plans - gardening blitz

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve spent any time in the garden and the weeds are starting to assert themselves. Not my watch you little buggers! I have no inclination to spend the whole weekend in the garden - we live in the bush so I literally could spend every waking minute in there to keep it manicured. That isn’t really our aesthetic - we quite like it a bit wild, but not so wild that the weeds can take hold. Been there, done that. So here’s my plan for doing the main bits in less than 60 minutes.

  1. Apply mozzie spray and/or sunscreen, put on a hat, and (look away now if you’re squeamish) don my crocs!

  2. Grab the tools for the job - gardening gloves, flexi-tub, weed spray and my extension loppers.

  3. Start with the weeds in front of the cabin. Weed the biggies, spray the littlies (~10 mins).

  4. Tackle the path at the side of the house. Pull the weeds and trim back the vine from the path (~15 mins).

  5. Brave the jungle by the worm farm. Weed the biggies, trim the hedge and clear out the fallen punga fronds (~25 mins).

  6. Trim any dying punga fronds and take them to the hot compost pile (~10 mins).

Obviously I’m not going to set the stopwatch to keep to these times but I think that’s a fair estimate for the ares I’d like to tackle. Now I just need the weather to stay dry so I can get out there and do some damage!

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you like breaking your big jobs into smaller, manageable tasks? If you’ve got a big job but don’t know where to start, I can help! Get in touch - I love to turn big ugly projects into small, fun and achievable goals.