DIY your decluttering

There are plenty of reasons that the DIY approach might be the best option for you. The good news is when it comes to DIY-ing your decluttering, you're spoiled for choice! 

Maybe you don't live in Auckland. 

Maybe you don't like the idea of someone else handling your stuff. 

Maybe you're a lone wolf that prefers to hunt clutter alone. I get that. Ah-ooooooo!!

The best thing about taking the DIY pathway to decluttering with The Ship Shape Shoppe is that you can choose both the pace AND the level of support that suit your needs. 

My online courses are designed for you to work at your own pace with confidence

Online courses & community

Learn online in your own time, from free challenges to introductory courses to masterclasses for confident declutterers.

I'm interested!

1:1 Declutter Coaching

3 x video coaching calls. Dive deep with a decluttering coach and fix those clutterbergs, for once and for all. 

I'm ready!

Clutter Busting Bootcamp

A 10-day clutter transformation programme. Create realistic organisation strategies for your home.

I'm up for it!
Which option is right for you? 

It's ok if you need help deciding which DIY Decluttering option is best for you. Everyone is different! I offer a free 15 minute call to talk through the options and help you choose which is right for YOU. 

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