Weekend organisation plans - 'tis the season... time to get jolly!

I admit that Christmas has snuck up on me a bit this year. Like not actually snuck up - I knew it was coming, that fact has been impossible to ignore with the festive music in all the stores since the beginning of November (too soon, retailers, too soon). But usually I find myself feeling festive a little earlier than the first week of December, and I’m not quite sure to what I can credit my feeling of disconnect this year. I’m busy every year around this time - perhaps it is being in business on my own for the first time, and thus not having the daily conversations about Christmas shopping and summer holiday plans… Well that got a bit introspective, didn’t it!

My mission this weekend is simple - get in the Christmas spirit! For me a sure-fire way to do this is the annual ritual of choosing a tree. We have a family who sells trees from their home just around the corner and we have bought from them since we moved into our home 7 (or 8??) years ago. Fun story - that family inherited the tradition from the previous owners when they bought the house some 20 years ago. The previous owners had the relationship with the tree people, and handed over the whole kit and caboodle to the new owners, who kept the tradition alive with their kids, who are now grown and must close to flying the coop. I love the history of it, and the willingness of the current family to adopt a Christmas tradition (and make some extra money while they’re at it).

So… by the end of this weekend we will have the tree up and decorated, our beautiful wreath on the front door, and the Christmas gift list completed. I try to buy locally wherever I can, and if possible direct from small businesses. This is my first year in business for myself and I have a new appreciation for the squeal of delight and happy dance that comes with every.single.enquiry or purchase from a customer interested in my services. My mission is to create a wave of squeals of delight and happy dances across Auckland, starting in my local village of Birkenhead and fanning out if I can’t find what I need right on my doorstep.