What's your decluttering personality?

just for fun organising ideas professional organiser Aug 31, 2022
A Tasmanian Devil looks at the camera

I've been a professional organiser for 4.5 years now, helping people around New Zealand declutter and organise their homes. In that time, I reckon I've come across three distinct decluttering personality types - I thought for a bit of fun, I'd share those types with you, plus some insights into what each type should watch out for when working on their decluttering projects. 

The Tortoise

Slow and steady is the name of the game for you. You’re methodical, in absolutely no rush to finish the job and find that “chipping away” at projects a bit at a time is an effective way for you to work. You’re a solitary declutterer that prefers to work alone and enjoy the process. You feel the pull of sentimentality, and that's ok. You're quite comfortable sitting in your feelings as you take a trip down memory lane; you do not want to be rushed. 

Strengths: You are confident in your decision making, and your ability to focus on the task means that you can dip in and out of decluttering when you need to. Even if weeks have passed since you worked on your projects, you can pick up right where you left off. This makes you highly efficient with the time you spend on your projects; you rarely need to re-sort your things, and re-cluttering is not a concept you’re familiar with.

Watch out for: Household decluttering personalities like The Hare or The Tasmanian Devil. Your methodical process will go out the window when one of the more chaotic declutterers joins you at the sorting table. If you feel rushed or pressured, you will get snippy. 

Product match: Clutter Collect is perfect for you. Work on your decluttering goals at your leisure, and pop anything you don't want in a Clutter Box, knowing that someone else will make sure it leaves your home.  

The Hare

If there was a World Record for speed decluttering, you'd probably smash it! You have no interest in dilly-dallying around; once you've made the decision to get moving, you are single-minded in your determination. A lone-wolf declutterer, you don't want to be held back by your housemates or family members who might be more sentimental than you. Your decluttering fantasy is to sell your home with everything in it, and start again with literally just the clothes on your back. 

Strengths: You're fast, decisive and have energy to burn. You are pragmatic and once you know how and where to start, you're an unstoppable force. 

Watch out for: You resemble a hare in the headlights when it comes to getting started; you're overwhelmed by all.the.stuff. In addition, declutterer's remorse bites you hard, especially when you've been decluttering other people's stuff and mistaken their personal treasures for trash.

Product match: Declutter Coaching. Having a professional show you how to begin each session will get you off the starting blocks mindfully, and you'll power through the rest. Plus, working with someone who can gently rein in your tendency to go "rip, shit or bust" will ensure you achieve your decluttering results AND keep the family unit intact. 

The Tasmanian Devil

You're a bit of a whirlwind when it comes to decluttering. You're a blur as you move from room to room, pulling things out as you go. You have a theory that making a big mess as you declutter will force you to finish the job on the same day, because you couldn't possibly leave the house "in that state". You love decluttering with others because you value teamwork and want to feel supported. You are not averse to a bit of chaos and often find yourself working to a short deadline, which can be overwhelming and stressful.

Strengths: You are respectful when dealing with other people's belongings and will always double-check before making a decision on something that isn't yours. Your gentle approach means that friends and family are happy to help you with your decluttering goals.

Watch out for: Making a big mess may seem like a good idea at the time, but it rarely is. This approach could see you burn out quite quickly, and there is a very real risk that you'll end up piling stuff up somewhere, and ultimately needing to declutter that same stuff again some time in the future.  

Product match: In-person coaching is a perfect fit for you. You'll be supported, and having a professional on site will mean you finish one space before moving onto another. 

Can you see yourself in any of these decluttering personality types? 

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